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Design Challenges? You're in the right place.

Lindarets provides design services primarily on a royalty basis. Why? It means that we're literally invested in our clients' success: we do well when you do. It also helps us to select projects where we truly believe that we can help our clients bring something valuable to market.

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Please note:

  • The Boostinator, GoatLink, RoadLink, ReMote, and Tanpan product lines are now available exclusively from Wolf Tooth Components and their authorized dealers.
    Please visit wolftoothcomponents.com for up-to-date availability and technical information.

  • Terske products are now available exclusively from Terske and their authorized dealers. 
    Please visit terske.com for up-to-date availability and technical information.

  • Belltowers, light mounts, and other 3D-printed products are built and sold by Shapeways.