Replacement Shimano I-Spec II BL Band


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Maybe it's under the workbench.  Or made its way into the trash.  Or maybe your bike came with Shimano I-Spec shifters that have since been removed.  Regardless, without this little guy your brake levers are flopping around and that ride you planned isn't going to happen.  

This Shimano II BL Band adapter is the piece you need.  It sits between the master cylinder and handlebar on I-Spec II brake levers and is captured by the brake lever mounting bolt.  From the factory they come with a little piece of double-stick tape to make installation easier and which you can add if you want.  Or you can leave it out.

The best part?  Colors, of course.  Made of the same colorful versatile plastic as our Belltower risers, here's your chance to add a little sliver of character to your bars.

Available directly from Shapeways.

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