Rolf Prima

Astral Outback with White Industries CLD Hubs

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Rolf Prima and Astral wheels are reserved for purchase as part of complete bicycles and frameset packages.  Thank you for your understanding.

Fit narrow tires or skinny, take them down the road or off.  Built with versatility, serviceabilty, and longevity in mind (but without compromising on weight or performance), Astral's Outback feature 25mm inside-width rims and legendary White Industries hubs.  Astral wheels are built in Oregon by Rolf Prima.  Find them on our J.Guillem and Chiru gravel bike builds.

23mm deep

25mm inside width

1,525g 650B
1,595g 700C

Thanks to disc brakes, the line between road and off-road has been well and truly blurred. Many of us now rightly see bikes as our keys to freedom; the freedom to roam, find undiscovered routes, and just have a blast. We want to go fast on roads, but often the routes we want to ride also lead to the paths less travelled. Astral's Outback wheelset is built with just this in mind.  The wider-than-normal rim is ideal for wider tires so you can improve comfort, decrease rolling resistance, and finish the day faster and fresher.


  • Rims: 25mm inside width with an asymmetric profile to balance spoke tensions and improve durability
  • Tires: Wide rim bed supports and makes the most of wide gravel tires without compromising on-road performance.  Ideal for 32-67mm tires.