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Adventure Carbon Gravel Bikepacking Fork

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Please Note:

ENVE wheels, forks, and components are reserved for sale as part of complete bike builds only.  All other orders will be canceled & refunded.  Thank you for understanding.

What It Is:  

The ENVE Adventure fork provides a lighter weight option for bikepackers and frame builders, while still maintaining reliability and strength. The dynamo light and charger routing is an integrated and protected solution to self-supported bike riders’ needs. Finally, the fork chip option gives builders versatility in the fork by adjusting the axle-to-crown for different bike geometries for alternative bikepacking methods. In a market that’s filled with heavy steel fork options, the ENVE Adventure fork offers bikepackers an opportunity to lighten their overall bike load through our trusted carbon fiber fork expertise.

• Three-Pack Accessory Mounts
• Fender and Rack Mounts
• Reversible Drop-Out Chips for Adjustable Axle-To-Crown and Rake
• Internal Dynamo Routing for Lights and Electronics Charging
• Axle Spacing 12 x 100mm
• Compatible Rotor Sizes 140mm & 160mm
• 700 x 50mm Tire Clearance

Where To Find It:  

We make the Adventure fork available as an option on our titanium gravel bike framesets and complete bikes for its excellent ride, modern compatibility, and clean design.  ENVE knows carbon and ENVE knows gravel- and it shows.

Who’s It For:  

Gravel riders looking for more clearance, and carrying capacity will enhance their mixed-terrain riding with this fork. 

Why They Made It:  

As gravel riders and partners of the custom frame builder community, ENVE was able to identify the technical improvements needed in a full-carbon gravel fork to meet the needs of the modern gravel rider and the bicycle frames they are riding. As the industry’s leading fork manufacturers, we deliver a new gravel standard for compliance, weight savings, strength, and reliability for demanding rides over any surface.