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J.Guillem And Chiru Bike Questions 

I've never heard of J.Guillem Bicycles. Could you tell me more?

J.Guillem is boutique Dutch titanium bicycle brand started by Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas. If you recognize the name it's because he founded Van Nicholas bikes 15 years ago. After selling Van Nichols and taking some time away, Jan-Willem is back with J.Guillem as his passion project: each titanium model tailored for a discipline (here's a bit more backstory). Lindarets is proud to work with the J.Guillem team to bring J.Guillem Titanium Bicycles to America. If you live in the United States and are interested in a beautifully-detailed, high performance J.Guillem frame or bicycle you are in the right place.

I've never heard of Chiru Endurance Bicycles. Could you tell me more?

Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan started his career designing bikes for a major French manufacturer over 20 years ago. In 2009, he decided to take his passion to the next level and launched Chiru Endurance Bicycles to further explore the limits of his designs. While Chiru does build carbon-fiber frames, Pierre believes that Titanium allows full rigid bikes for a more compliant ride, a more resilient behavior, life-time warranty and recyclability. At Lindarets, we currently carry the Chiru Kegeti, an incredibly versatile, endurance-oriented titanium frame that can be easily spec'ed into a heavy duty gravel, bikepacking, or monstercross bike. 

How do I buy one?

We primarily sell J.Guillem and Chiru frames direct to consumers. Part of that’s our location: not everyone is able to travel to New Mexico. We also know that not every shop can be expected to carry boutique brands- if you want something truly special the chances are it won’t be in stock around the corner.

We do love bike shops, though! If you are a bike shop or have one you’d like to work with on your build, please contact us and we’ll work hard to make it happen.

Do you offer custom builds on your frames?

Absolutely!  Because every one of us is as different as our favorite roads and trails, we love to have the opportunity to build something uniquely suited to our customers and where they ride.  Often viewed as starting points, our stock builds are where we feel like we can offer the best balance of performance, price, and longevity. But we all have our fit, color, or brand preferences and we don't just want to sell you a bike- we want to help create your bike.  Contact us to learn more.

My size or option is out of stock!

Don't sweat! Drop us a line and we'll get what you're looking for or find an appropriate substitution. With the exception of wheels, most things are one to three days away.

How are bikes built and shipped?

We work with Bikeworks, Albuquerque's premier bike shop, on all of our complete bike builds. They have unmatched experience with frame-up builds and see even the rarest drivetrains and most niche parts on a regular basis. This way you can be confident that your bicycle will be built by a professional mechanic and test ridden before being packed and shipped via UPS.  

How long will it take?

Because each build is tailored to you, in-stock sizes and options take two to three business days to build.  More unique combinations can take five to seven working days.

Do you have a warranty?

A J.Guillem frame is built to provide performance that lasts and is backed by a 100-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  It may be overkill, but we take pride in knowing that someone with an eye for quality will be riding our frames in ten, twenty, or even thirty years' time.

Lindarets Products

I'm trying to buy a Tanpan, Roadlink, Goatlink or other product from the Lindarets portfolio but I can't add it to cart. The site is asking me to go to Wolf Tooth Components or another 3rd Party. Why is that? 

While we sell many products on our site, Lindarets is first and foremost a product-design company. The Lindarets Portfolio represents a selection of the award-winning products we've designed over the years. While we may have originally sold these products on our site, many have since been purchased or licensed by other companies. If you find a product here that asks you to visit another site to purchase, know you're getting a genuine Lindarets product that happens to be marketed and produced by one of our great partners.


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