Rocks Belong Tee

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Rocks Belong.

Though bikes have never been more capable and riders never more skilled, we have noticed an uptick over the past several years in 'trail sanitizing'- the reworking of trails to remove challenging sections.

While we're all in favor of making cycling accessible, without challenge there's little opportunity for growth.  Sure, there are trail features that most of us will never ride well (if at all). Be aware, though, that there is a rider out there who comes to these challenges month after month and year after year and one day will. Removing these challenges not only unfairly deprives that rider, but prevents us from ever becoming that rider.

Without technical and physical challenges, trails can become too easy and, over time, lose our interest. Without challenges, we don't have the opportunity for self-improvement or to learn from other riders. Without challenges, we lose much of what mountain biking is all about.

Yes, we made this shirt for ourselves.  But we're making it available to anyone who, as the small print says, wants to keep mountain biking technical.


The Rocks Belong tee is printed in New Mexico on a US-made American Apparel 50/50 Tee- the coziest, longest-lasting shirts we've found.  Sizing is slim but long- perfect for cyclists everywhere.