Belltower DB for Spurcycle Bells

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Clean Sound.  Cleaner Integration.

Spurcycle's Bell is nothing short of amazing.  Made in the USA of brass and stainless steel, it has a tone that sets it apart from lesser bells- both loud and pleasant, friendly and firm.

But as much as we love the bell, the stock bar-top location isn't ideal.

That's why we created the Belltower DB.  The DB is a bar end adapter kit that allows the Spurcycle Bell to be mounted at the end of the drops and reached more easily without interfering with brake levers, lights, or other accessories.

Please note:  The Belltower DB will require slight trimming of rubber bell 'feet' and tapping a single M4x0.7 hole.  Neither change will prevent the bell from being used in its standard configuration.

The Belltower is available directly from Shapeways.