Titanium Artistry

One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value.

By this definition, Jan-WIllem Sintnicolass could be seen an artist -sculptor- of titanium, creating functional works of art.

Certainly each one starts out as an idea, or something that has simply been imagined. (The initial exploratory sketches even have a dreamlike quality.) That said the J.Guillem team doesn’t just set out to make something beautiful. They seek perfection, of course, but only because they want their frames to be perfectly fit for purpose.

They are Titanium craftsmen, certainly; completely at ease with their remarkable medium.

They understand precisely how far this element can be pushed, shaped and formed. They absolutely understand how to use geometry to create the perfect riding position for different riding styles.

And through a rigorous application of physics, they know how different lengths and widths of tubing create optimized for stiffness and strength, compliance and damping, for the efficient and effective transfer of energy and the ability to carry their riders beyond their expectations.

Flat Mount Road Dropout

At each stage of each new frame’s development the frame builders create a prototype, which is tested, refined and sent back with improvements to the design. Jan personally checks every single J.Guillem frame before it can be sold. Anything less than 100% perfection and back it goes. Anything he passes he guarantees for 100 years.

Only by being this obsessive with their craft can Jan and his team ensure the bikes that bear his name are worthy of his signature.  

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