Slightly New for 2020!

All new for 2020!

It's something you hear all of the time.  Especially in gravely-voiced car ads billing a slightly warmed-over or lightly facelifted model as the latest and greatest.  And I get it: we naturally equate new with exciting and, for all its woes, the automobile industry certainly knows marketing better than I do.

But what if you had a product that worked really, really well?  If a clean-sheet design wasn't needed, maybe a handful of refinements to address things that came up over the past year?  Well in that case you'd be J.Guillem with the 2020 Atalaya titanium gravel bike.

The 2020 Atalaya, in stock in most sizes now, makes a few minor but welcome changes to the 2019 model we love so much.  No Bold New Graphics or trendy raked-out head angles. No, we're ringing in the 2020 model year with four new bosses and a bridge. Hold on to your hats.

Up top, the updated Atalaya gets welded-in seatstay rack bosses.  Like all of the Atalaya's mounting points, the bosses are welded in, with no opportunity to loosen or rattle over time.  Granted, we've always been able to mount a rear rack to the Atalaya's seatstay bridge, but single-strut racks are a little hard to come by and while that fastener doesn't see a lot of load, some redundancy isn't a bad idea when you're a long way from anywhere.  If you see yourself using the Atalaya as a commuter or light tourer now or in the future it's a welcome change.

At the same time, the cast seatstay bridge has been replaced by a gently curved tubular bridge.  Why?  Just look at it: it's lovely.

Finally there's a third set of water bottle bosses, located under the downtube.  Here in New Mexico where the sun is hot and convenience stores are rarely convenient we're pretty excited about the prospect of carrying three bottles on the bike, sparing our backs and jerseys the indignity of that extra a 24oz.  Not thirsty?  Throw a couple of SPD cleat bolts in the bosses and be glad they're there when you need them.

So that's our philosophy in a nutshell: well-considered, elegant, and refined bikes and components that are durable in terms of their design, construction, performance, and aesthetics.  Products that, if not exactly timeless, will certainly stand the test of time.

Learn more about the Atalaya here.